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Chapter 2/Cutscene 2-END

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Speaker Text
Icon MrOruchi.png Arase Oosumi!
Makes his first appearance on the battlefield!
Icon Arase.png YES!! The world stage!
Icon CrossMessiah.png Congratulations!
Icon CrossMessiah.png I mean, to both of us!
We survived the brackets!
Icon Arase.png Eh heh heh, that's right!
Icon CrossMessiah.png I can't believe we did it!
大会参加者 (Qualifier Winner passing through. Oh, that nervous boy...)
大会参加者 (He's not that interesting though... Though he actually did win...)
Icon CrossMessiah.png Ahahaha! We should be able to participate in the main tournament!
Icon CrossMessiah.png Arase, that's not something to laugh about though.
Icon Arase.png That's hrash.
I laugh so that I don't become nervous and to calm the tension in the air.
Icon Arase.png That is how I get over my stage fright.
I keep myself calm by laughing...
Icon CrossMessiah.png Are you sure?
I guess whatever lets you do all that then.
Icon Arase.png ... Exactly!
End of Cutscene
Speaker Text
Icon MrOruchi.png 大隅アラセ選手っ!
Icon Arase.png よっしゃーーーー!!本戦出場だ!!!
Icon CrossMessiah.png おめでとうございます。
Icon CrossMessiah.png ふたりともー!!
Icon Arase.png えっへへ~! でしょー!
Icon CrossMessiah.png ふっ。当然でございます。
大会参加者 (あ、予選通過したんだ。あの緊張してた人。)
大会参加者 (おもしろそうな人だな……本戦で、戦えるかな?)
Icon CrossMessiah.png ……あははは、本当に本戦に出場できる、とは……。
Icon CrossMessiah.png アラセ様は無駄にお笑いになりますね。
Icon Arase.png その言い方ひどくない?!
Icon Arase.png あがり症というか、我慢できないというか。
Icon CrossMessiah.png ……あまり美しくないのは、確かかと。
Icon Arase.png ……頑張る。