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This guide is by aytimothy.


The whole gist of the game is just to collect Medabots, like any Gatcha games go. Unlike the proper games where you progress via playing the game, you progress by, well, Gatcha-ing.

The whole main loop of the game goes like this:

  1. Gather Medaparts from the Gatcha.
  2. Earn medals through the story.
  3. Level up your medals using Skill Upgrades.
  4. Raise the limit cap of your medals using Medadium.
  5. Level your Medaparts up using Part Boosters.
  6. Gather research ROM (done so using Research ROM items or by gathering dupes from the Fierce Battles or Gatcha.
  7. Rank up your Medaparts to raise its level cap with NFRP and Cyplasium (which you can only get from the gatcha.
  8. Build viable teams, and repeat Steps 1 to 6 excluding Step 2 (replaced with 'events') and try to collect them all.

Getting Started (AKA. The Tutorial)

Once you've downloaded the game, you see the title and a large "Click here to continue", but in Japanese. Obviously tap the screen to continue.

Next, you'll be greeted with a black screen, with a question, four buttons; three blue and one orange. They just say "Do you accept the T&Cs and Privacy Policy?", "Terms and Conditions", "Privacy Policy", "Decline" and "Accept" (from top to bottom, left to right) in the orange button. Tap the orange button to accept anyway, even though you probably don't understand a single word of that Japanese legalese.

Just before you think you're ready to play the game, you're greeted with a cutscene and are thrown straight into a Robattle. Complete the Robattle. All you need to know is:

  • The left-most button is to use the turn to charge your Medaforce.
  • The button next to it switches between Medaforce and Part actions.
  • The rest of the buttons are basically your left/head/right part actions. (In Medachange, this is your Drive A/B/C actions)

You are then thrusted into the story where you meet Hisaki and Cross Messiah, who becomes your partner Medabot (awesome!). However, Cross' arms are utterly hopeless and you should throw out that piece of garbage ASAP and swap it for something more appropriate. He has the second fastest legs though, so that's a plus, I guess.

After the first few cutscenes, you are then brought to the main menu and asked to roll a free Gatcha. This is where you get to pick ONE 3★ Medabot as your second starter. I'd suggest Metabee, Rokusho, Padparadscha or Raid Gavial. You can look up what they look like in the Medabot List. Basically here, just pick your favourite bot; they aren't all that great anyway, but good enough to get you started.

More story again, and now you've began the game. You're given a Kabuto, Kawagata, Zero Medal and you can now begin the game with Cross Messiah and whichever 3★ Medabot you chose.

Getting Started (for reals)

At this point, your main goals are to:

  • Collect as many medals as you can
  • Get your third 3★ Medabot set

Firstly, play through the story (the big orange button in the main screen) as far as you can. You'll unlock the Event Screen once you finish Robattle 1-2. You should be able to finish Chapter 1 easily with 3 Medabots instead of one.

As you play the story, you'll want to work upwards, not sideways. Sidways are basically the same battle, but harder (higher level bots and more enemies). In later Chapters, this will be impossible for you at first. Anyway, try to get as far into the story as you can on normal (leftmost) difficulty.

You can also use the Part Boosters that drop from the story missions to level up your Medaparts.

You do this by going to the main screen, selecting the Medabot (メダロット) button, select "Team Setting" and then tapping on a bot. Tap on the part stats on the side to modify it. Then, select Level Up (レベルアップ) to level up that Medapart.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look at the tutorials. Your small Part Boosters should be good up to Level 12-15 or so. After that, you should be using the larger ones as the size exponentially increases the EXP gain, and it's also cheaper in the long run (once you go past Level 10, you'll notice that it'll cost more Medacoins to apply your part upgrade).

Also, if you're out of Energy, you can watch an advertisement every 6 hours to refresh it, or use items/rubies without the need for an ad.

Finishing up to Chapter 4 should have about 30 rubies. You can now pull the gatcha. Always pull a 10-pull as that guarentees a 2★ set or better; basically "at least one set". Your first pull should always be biased and actually guarantee you a 3★ set. After that, you're at the mercy of RNGesus. The average is that you obtain the set 1 in every 98 pulls (rounded to 100 pulls, which is roughly 300 rubies; about 17,000¥) for featured bots and 1 in 33 (rounded to 40 pulls, which is roughly 7,000¥) for any 3★ bots (can be duplicates).

Levelling Up

Now that you've gotten your base set of Medabots, you'll want to prioritize between

Now that you've gotten more medals, check the Medal List to see the medals and their abilities/affinities. Try to match them with your Medaparts. If you have no clue what the symbols mean, check out the Japanese terms here. The filter (フィルタ) should let you match the symbol with the ability/leg type in the tables here

You can try to do the story for a bit, but once your bots are all Level 15, it is a good idea to switch to farming for better Part Boosters. The story's going to only ever drop rubbish (small and medium) ones. Same for Skill Upgrades.

Now, just keep on farming the resource dungeons for the appropriate Part Boosters. You should always be farming the highest level dungeon you can do; at this stage, it should be the second or third levels. If you can't, you're doing something wrong (like not leveling up parts). It should get easier to start doing the top (third) level with the friend carrying you as you level your parts up.

Once your bots are Level 45, you can start moving onto Skill Upgrades instead. The advanced (third level; 40-stamina costing) dungeon gives the biggest drops and chance for Medadium. Make use of strangers' Medabots because they're most likely able to solo these dungeons alone, but will still be of help when farming them. DO NOT USE AUTO, EVER until you're full Level 60 (we'll get to that later).

The skill upgrades for the medal should match up the parts and medal you want. The schedule can be found here. Typically, you would mostly want Melee and Shooting (red and blue) ones first. To get a medal up to Level 100, you'll need 5+10+15+20+25=75 Medadium. You should also have more than enough Skill Upgrades from spamming those dungeons by the time you get enough Medadium.

If you want, you can start farming Fierce Battles bots up to Level 100 reliably, if you want. You should at the very least every week get a full set of every bot.

You'll want to play a bit more of the story as well, as you need to play a bit to unlock certain things in the game. At Chapter 10, MedaLeague unlocks, though you'll have no chance in getting past Gold League with your crappy team (no offence, but you kinda need full 150/90 bots).

Getting Better

Now that you have a base farming team, now:

  • Focus on Levelling up three sets of 3★ Medabots to Level 60
  • Experiment with other parts and sets

From here, you're pretty much smooth sailing for the mundane stuff now. Level your parts to Level 60, and it should get even smoother. If you want, you can Level a medal up to 150 too. I'd recommend trying to get the Dog medal to Level 150, if you have compatible shooting Medabots, like Metabee or Arcbeetle.

You can confer to the Parts List for a full list of parts. Use Google Translate, I haven't translated that huge giant database of 'mess'.

At this point also, the story should be a breeze, up until Chapter 23, where it goes from 'hard' to 'impossible' on the normal difficulty.

You can also now start farming Fierce Battles reliably, even on auto. At this stage, it's also doable to get to research Level 100 (the original plus 20 dupes of each part) so that you can at least rank it up to 3★ later on. Yes, did I mention you can rank up parts to increase their ★ level? It costs Cyplasium though, of which you can only get through Gatcha dupes.


Your next step is to get a Medabot up to 5★. Of course, with any Gatcha set - This is going to cost you a lot of rubies... Or, you could take the smart route and level up a Fierce Battle set to 1,000 research levels (the requirement for levelling parts up to 5★).

You'll want to wait for a attacker-type (ie. Hirschkafer or Sagehorn) or a status-type bot (ie. Aimflash or Magentacat). Get it up to Research Level 100, you should also have enough NFRP at this point from random battles and events to level up to 5★ anyway (if you don't farm, obviously), and then replace your current melee/ranged attacker with that.

Now repeat for the other bots. ROMs are extremely rare, so it'll take a few events to get enough to use enough ROMs to add enough research points to 5★ a gatcha bot, so that should be your first two bots to 5★. Depending on how terrible your luck (if you had good luck giving you always new bots, then this doesn't apply to you), you should also have Cyplasium to level them up too (if not, wait or pull the gatcha as soon as the next or current banner (if you don't have it already) comes up)

After End-Game

You just grind the events to get max-able everything. That's literally it. PvP, maybe?


Periodically, there are extra event missions that pop up temporarily. There are two types of events:

  • Super Battle which runs for a week from time to time. It features a Medabot and a character, and you grind event battles for points and rewards. Certain Medabot/Medafighter combinations have point bonuses.
  • Invasion which runs for time to time, with 10 stamina battles that reward nothing but the first-clear ruby.

Every week/day, there are repeating events that are always here:

  • Crash Battle which rotates Medabots every week contains three different Medabots you can grind Medaparts for.
  • Schedule Robattle which changes everyday with specific resources for performing actions in the game.
  • EX Battles which only appears when there isn't a event-event on. (It's confusing; everything's called an event, even the recurring ones). These are extremely hard battles meant to test your ability to build 5 star sets and are harder than the Invasions.

See Event List for event lists and schedules.

Closing Notes

Oh, even though I'd say you can auto battles reliably, you shouldn't consistently use auto unless you can't pay attention to the game. This is because parts are awarded based on the number of parts you destroy, though more heavily on how many bots you KO'd. If you kill the leader, you lose any rewards you could get by KO'd-ing the other bots.

A recommended method around this is using a bot with a Dog or Thunder medal, break all the bot's other parts (everything but the head) through regular means first, then use the Dog's Sonic Shot or Thunder's Lightning Medaforces to kill all three bots simultaneously, guaranteeing the most loot.