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Medarot S Wiki: General disclaimer

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Project Rising Beetle (1) (2), @aytimothy (1) (2) and the Medarot S Wiki are not affiliated with Imagineer Co. or So What Inc.

All copyrights for the written content belong to @aytimothy and the respective contributor that contributed said thing. All assets and data taken from the game and other sources are used purely for reference and are permitted under Fair Use as part of United States Copyright Laws and are owned by their respective owners.

All original content here are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons, Attribution and Non-Commercial)

I can't be arsed to learn how to translate this into Japanese. I know nothing about Japanese, Chinese or Korean Legalese.

Please direct all messages to aytimothy (at) aytimothy (dot) xyz. We're happy to work with Imagineer to get this into the west.