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Medarot S Wiki: Privacy policy

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This is legalese. I don't like writing this, but I have to. Everything in here is for the safety of the users, and the smooth operation of the website.

The Information You Provide Us

When you create an account, you share with us:

  • Your desired callsign/username/alias
  • Your password
  • Your email address

When you simply browse the site, you provide with us:

  • When you accessed a page
  • Whether you were logged in
  • Which page you accessed
  • A cookie identifying your browser

And, when you make an edit:

  • The contents of your edit
  • When you committed your edit

Additional Information We Receive About You

We don't collect, or need any of that. We also don't care.

Information We Disclose

We don't disclose anything, ever, unless it's supposed to be public, like an edit to a wiki page.

Anything on a wiki page is fair game for anyone, but all your private (which is pretty much just authentication) details will never be shared with anyone.

What we do with the Information You Provide Us

tl;dr Anything required for the function of the website.

  • We only use your authentication data to authenticate you.
  • Browser cookies are used to manage who is queuing for a reply, and for remembering authentication.
  • Logs are used solely to keep those that shouldn't be here out and for tracking a page's version history. We can't personally identify who you are anyway.
  • In the event of law enforcement, everything is destroyed and its destruction is credited to the primary cause for shaming them.

Managing Your Information With Us

There's no deleting, except for account information. If you want to delete your account, you can do so anytime in the settings page.

However, deleting your account will result in you being discredited for everything you've done as submissions are tied to the account.

Children and Our Services

We don't care who views our site (unless you're Japanese). Also, we can't personally identify anyone anyway. The most we know about you is any authentication information you provide, or which continent you reside on (that's derived inaccurately from the IP address).

... that is unless you're stupid enough to post your name and information on a public-facing page.