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#417 Andoura (アントゥーラ) is a Medabot with the model number DRD00.

Medalot with the motif of the wise man of the forest that changed the figure.
Hide his head with hidden ability of his head Hiding his right arms good at the laser of his right arms.
His left arm has the ability to heal all the scratches.

Medapart Stats


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Fate Fearada (フェートフィアダ)
装甲 (Armor) 370 3349
成功 (Success) 0 0
威力 (Power) 0 0
充填 (Heating) 426 789
冷却 (Cooldown) 481 863
回数 (Ammo) 4 4
HV 0
Prevents enemies from targeting the selected Medabot for one action. Does not apply if already targeted.
Rank 1 No Bonus
Rank 2 Heating & Cooling +50
Rank 3 Heating & Cooling +100
Rank 4 Heating & Cooling +150
Rank 5 Heating & Cooling +200
Ability Name Stealth (ステルス)
Type AssistIcon.png Support

Left Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Panakaya (パナケイア)
装甲 (Armor) 280 2899
成功 (Success) 0 0
威力 (Power) 0 0
充填 (Heating) 206 496
冷却 (Cooldown) 233 532
HV 0
Repairs based on the terrain compatibility
Rank 1 Heal amount is based on Heal Skill level
Rank 2 Heal amount is based on Heal Skill level
Rank 3 Heal amount is based on Heal Skill level
Rank 4 Heal amount is based on Heal Skill level
Rank 5 Heal amount is based on Heal Skill level
Ability Name Field Repair (フィールドリペア)
Type HealIcon.png Healing

Right Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Oak scanel (オークスケーン)
装甲 (Armor) 340 3199
成功 (Success) 301 916
威力 (Power) 555 1508
充填 (Heating) 255 561
冷却 (Cooldown) 213 505
HV 1
Deals Optical Damage. Has 1.5x damage and success rate if above a certain Medacharge amount.
Rank 1 x1.5 Damage/Success requires 70% charge
Rank 2 x1.5 Damage/Success requires 60% charge
Rank 3 x1.5 Damage/Success requires 50% charge
Rank 4 x1.5 Damage/Success requires 40% charge
Rank 5 x1.5 Damage/Success requires 30% charge, x2 at 100%
Ability Name Laser (レーザー)
Type RangeIcon.png Shooting


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Trick sole (トリックソール)
HVリミット (HV Limit) 1
装甲 (Armor) 420 3599
回避 (Anti-melee) 92 247
格耐 (Status-proof) 431 1038
射耐 (Anti-ranged) 700 1666
尭冷 (Base Speed) 336 669
Grants Heater (5% boost to Heating, stacks up to 20%). Activates a limited number of times per match.
Rank 1 Activates once per Robattle
Rank 2 Activates twice per Robattle
Rank 3 Activates thrice per Robattle
Rank 4 Activates 4 times per Robattle
Rank 5 Activates 5 times per Robattle
Ability Name Generator (ジェネレーター)
Type BipedIcon.png Biped

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