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C Wolf S

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Mugshot CWolfS.png
#566 ZID02 S Wolf S

A medabot developed based on mysterious data named "ZID".

It is characterized by its wolf-like appearance and specializes in tricky fighting styles, but of course its suppressing power is impeccable even when fought head-on. It looks just like a cunning hunter cornering an enemy.



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Howling Howl
RangeIcon.png HC Buster [3] 3599 797 1730 631 621 HeavyIcon.png
Custom Trick
RangeIcon.png Panic 3099 890 874 755 848 -
Assault Hunt
RangeIcon.png Hyper Thunder Shot 3099 1028 1506 555 588 HeavyIcon.png
Armor Melee Resist Shoot Resist Evade Speed HV
Quick Leg
BipedIcon.png Illusion 3699 737 919 1549 848 2