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Chapter 10/Cutscene 10-1

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Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png Once we retreat, we need to find another way out!
The Rubber Robos are still around here.
Icon RubberRobo.png 「「Wait up,!! ~robo; Don't leave yet!! ~robo」」
Icon CrossMessiah.png Well he's tenacious.
Icon Koshimaru.png Arase! Even if we try, we can't escape!
Icon Koshimaru.png These guys will be coming back later,
we can't handle them alone!
Icon Hisaki.png Alright, I'll help you.
Let's fight back!
Icon Arase.png Aaargh!! Why!?! There's no way we can fight back!
We aren't ready to defeat them yet!
End of Cutscene

<nowiki>*<nowiki>tenacious means persistent.

Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png ……っとりあえず、一旦退却を選んだのはいいけど!
Icon RubberRobo.png 「「待つロボー!逃さないロボーーー!!」」
Icon CrossMessiah.png しつこい方々ですね!
Icon Koshimaru.png アラセ!このまま逃げてもキリがないよ……!
Icon Koshimaru.png 追ってきてる奴らだけなら、
Icon Hisaki.png わたしも、お力添えさせて頂きます……!!
Icon Arase.png っああもう、仕方ない!みんなでやるなら怖くないよね!