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Cheerful Bunny 2

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Mugshot CheerfulBunny2.png
#499 IDL04 Cheerful Bunny 2

An idol-type Medarot designed with the concept of not only "attracting" but also "giving energy".

Even cooking is your thing! Cheerful Bunny will also do its best for you who are working hard today too☆



Pickup Gacha Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Twin Tekorafuku
AssistIcon.png Precognition [2] 3399 - - 785 640 -
Nin Nin Rocket
MeleeIcon.png Power Hammer 2749 780 1571 564 523 HeavyIcon.png
Jin Jin Knife
MeleeIcon.png Overcharge 2749 862 1334 601 580 -
Armor Melee Resist Shoot Resist Evade Speed HV
Kitchento Kitchen
BipedIcon.png Brilliance 3249 1425 609 1068 832 2