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Chuugen Haoh

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#16 Chuugen Haoh (チュウゲンハオー) is a Medabot with the model number CHA00.

Medabots modeled on a foreign warrior who was feared as a flying general, who excels in archery and has extraordinary strength.

Standing on the spearhead, inspiring allies, he cuts deeply into the enemy's camp with his red beloved horse and a long heavenly painting.



Medapart Stats


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Match for a Thousand (イッキトーセーン)
装甲 (Armor) 520 4099
成功 (Success) 0 0
威力 (Power) 0 0
充填 (Heating) 584 1000
冷却 (Cooldown) 357 697
回数 (Ammo) 4 4
HV 0
Grants a buff that boosts the Power and Success of Melee parts by 20%
Rank 1 No bonus
Rank 2 Heating & Cooling +50
Rank 3 Heating & Cooling +100
Rank 4 Heating & Cooling +150
Rank 5 Heating & Cooling +200
Ability Name Fight Boost (ファイトブースト)
Type AssistIcon.png Support

Left Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Sky Piercer (ホウテンガゲッキ)
装甲 (Armor) 300 2999
成功 (Success) 130 515
威力 (Power) 251 797
充填 (Heating) 186 469
冷却 (Cooldown) 139 407
HV 1
Deals more damage based on the number of heavy parts equipped and has bonus success above a certain Medaforce Charge. May cause piercing. Cannot defend or evade during cooldown.
Rank 1 x1.5 Bonus success at 70% Medacharge
Rank 2 x1.5 Bonus success at 60% Medacharge
Rank 3 x1.5 Bonus success at 50% Medacharge
Rank 4 x1.5 Bonus success at 40% Medacharge
Rank 5 x1.5 Bonus success at 30% Medaforce Charge, x2 at 100% Medaforce Charge
Ability Name Break Hammer (ブレイクハンマー)
Type MeleeIcon.png Melee

Right Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
War Spear (ヘイカソウジョー)
装甲 (Armor) 300 2999
成功 (Success) 213 710
威力 (Power) 443 1247
充填 (Heating) 232 531
冷却 (Cooldown) 204 493
HV 1
Deals bonus damage based on Medaforce Charge. Cannot defend during cooldown.
Rank 1 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.0
Rank 2 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.25
Rank 3 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.5
Rank 4 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.75
Rank 5 Bonus Damage: Charge x 2.0, Pierces & Consumes 5% Medaforce Charge per use
Ability Name Charge Blade (チャージブレード)
Type MeleeIcon.png Melee


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Red Hurry (レッドハーレー)
HVリミット (HV Limit) 2
装甲 (Armor) 500 3999
回避 (Anti-melee) 398 961
格耐 (Status-proof) 340 826
射耐 (Anti-ranged) 489 1173
尭冷 (Base Speed) 514 907
Grants a boost to all melee parts' power and success stats every time you attack.
Rank 1 3% boost per attack
Rank 2 5% boost per attack
Rank 3 7% boost per attack
Rank 4 9% boost per attack
Rank 5 12% boost per attack
Ability Name Weapon Master (ウェポンマスター)
Type WheelIcon.png Vehicle

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