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From: https://kayagsan.wixsite.com/meda-freude/post/メダロットs-充填冷却式

Actual Heating = (Leg Speed × (1 + Medal Level / 75) + Heating Stat × (1 + Skill Level / 50)) × Terrain Modifier

Actual Cooling = (Leg Speed × (1 + Medal Level / 75) + Cooling Stat × (1 + Skill Level / 50)) × Terrain Modifier


The field is 3990 units across, and the cooling and heating rate is how many units your Medabot travels per second 'tick' (second at 1x speed).


  • Medal Level is the total of your medal's skill levels.
  • Skill Level is the level of the part's ability skill type that your medal has.
  • Terrain Modifier is the multiplier (S to D) to your speed based on leg compatibility.