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Energy, or otherwise known as Stamina is a rate limit for how many missions you can do and is a staple of any Gatcha game. It refreshes at a rate of 1 per minute.

Missions typically cost between 10 and 60 stamina to start.

You can store energy up to a certain amount, as dictated by your Player Level. After that, any gained energy is simply discarded.

Obtaining More

When you run out of energy or do not have enough for an action, you are prompted with a screen:

Running out of Stamina
  • Watch an ad (fully restores with a 6 hour cooldown)
  • Pay 1 ruby (fully restores)
  • Use an Energy Capsule EX (fully restores)
  • Use a Half Energy Capsule (restores only 50% of max stamina.

These are the options from left to right, top to bottom.


Stamina is used to play missions. The amount varies per mission but follows this chart:

Mission/Robattle Type Cost
Story 0
Normal Story Mission 10/15/20
Hard Story Mission 20/25/30
Very Hard Story Mission 30/35/40
Lower/Lesser Event Dungeon 20
Middle Event Dungeon 30
Upper Event Dungeon 40
Ultra (higher than Upper) Event Dungeon 60
Non-reward Mission 10