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#428 Floatate (フォルテイト) is a Medabot with the model number RME01.

Floatate is a collaboration bot from the Megaman Battle Network (Rockman.EXE) cross-over event. He is based on the dutagonist, Bass.EXE

Medalot of a form that was developed based on mysterious data.

The power of black aura and destruction is himself, and one of the sole loses.No one can escape from a fierce blow to shot to the other party.

黒きオーラと破壊の力をその身に秘め、ひとりさすらう孤高の一匹狼。 彼方の相手までもあやまたず撃ち抜く苛烈な一撃からは、誰も逃れることはできない。


Medapart Stats


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Dark program (ダークプログラム)
装甲 (Armor) 440 3699
成功 (Success) 370 1077
威力 (Power) 570 1543
充填 (Heating) 244 547
冷却 (Cooldown) 244 547
回数 (Ammo) 4 4
HV 1
Immediately destroys any head or arm part if it (the targeted part) is the actively used part by the enemy. Cannot dodge or defend while cooling.
Rank 1 No bonus
Rank 2 Success +100
Rank 3 Success +200
Rank 4 Success +300
Rank 5 Success +400
Ability Name Destroy (デストロイ)
Type RangeIcon.png Shooting

Left Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Airbars (エアバース)
装甲 (Armor) 260 2799
成功 (Success) 351 1030
威力 (Power) 230 748
充填 (Heating) 267 577
冷却 (Cooldown) 242 544
HV 0
Deals bonus damage to heavy parts with piercing. Also has 1.5x success if above a certain Medacharge amount. Cannot evade during cooldown.
Rank 1 x1.5 Success requires 70% charge
Rank 2 x1.5 Success requires 60% charge
Rank 3 x1.5 Success requires 50% charge
Rank 4 x1.5 Success requires 40% charge
Rank 5 x1.5 Success requires 30% charge, x2 at 100%
Ability Name Break (ブレイク)
Type RangeIcon.png Shooting

Right Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Gospel breath (ゴスペルブレス)
装甲 (Armor) 340 3199
成功 (Success) 310 937
威力 (Power) 570 1543
充填 (Heating) 282 597
冷却 (Cooldown) 264 573
HV 1
At the time of attack run, the more the other party is so far, the more successful and power up shooting attacks. Unavoidable during cooling after use.
Rank 1 Power + None
Rank 2 Power +100
Rank 3 Power + 200
Rank 4 Power + 300
Rank 5 Power + 400 & penetration
Ability Name Long shot (ロングショット)
Type RangeIcon.png Shooting


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Black aura (ブラックオーラ)
HVリミット (HV Limit) 2
装甲 (Armor) 390 3449
回避 (Anti-melee) 530 1269
格耐 (Status-proof) 377 912
射耐 (Anti-ranged) 470 1129
尭冷 (Base Speed) 388 739
Reduces all incoming damage by 20% if above a certain amount of Medaforce Charge.
Rank 1 Reduction when above 50% Charge
Rank 2 Reduction when above 45% Charge
Rank 3 Reduction when above 40% Charge
Rank 4 Reduction when above 35% Charge
Rank 5 Reduction when above 30% Charge
Ability Name Popper (プーパ)
Type HoverIcon.png Hover

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