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Mugshot Fortate.png
#428 RME01 Fortate

A Medabot with a cloak-like appearance, developed based on mysterious data.

A solitary lone wolf that wanders alone, hiding a black aura and destructive power within itself. No one can escape from a fierce blow that shoots even a distant opponent without hesitation.



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Dark Program
RangeIcon.png Destroy [4] 3699 1077 1543 547 547 1
Gospel Breath
RangeIcon.png Long Shot 3199 937 1543 597 573 1
Air Bath
RangeIcon.png Break 2799 1030 748 577 544 0
Armor Anti-status Anti-range Anti-melee Base Speed HV
Black Aura
HoverIcon.png Popper 3449 1269 1129 912 739 2
Ability Attibutes
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
RangeIcon.png Destroy Destroys targeted part if it is active
Cannot Evade or Defend while Cooling
- Success +100 Success +200 Success +300 Success +400
RangeIcon.png Long Shot Up to 2x Success & Power on targets further away from action plate
Cannot Evade while cooling
- Power +100 Power +200 Power +300 Power +400
RangeIcon.png Break Bonus damage to heavy parts with piercing
1.5x Success if above Medacharge threshold
Cannot Evade while Cooling
70% Charge 60% Charge 50% Charge 40% Charge 30% Charge
x2 at 100%
HoverIcon.png Popper Reduces incoming damage by 20% if above Medaforce threshold 50% Charge 45% Charge 40% Charge 35% Charge 30% Charge