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Types of Gatcha

There are currently only two types of gatcha events:

  • Spotlight Gatcha (スポットライトガチャ) is a trap gatcha featuring an existing 3★ from the pool. The chances are the same, except should you roll the 3★ bot/part type, you're likely to get the featured Medabot instead of a random something.
  • Pickup Gatcha (ビックアップガチャ) is a standard gatcha with unique off-pool bots added. The chances are the same for the item types, but you'll now have more things to possibly get from each pool. Typically the uniques are rate up too.

(The perpetual gatchas don't count)


The Gatcha is like a regular Gatcha game in that you get units (which are Medaparts). However, there is a chance you can get a whole Medabot set with the following chances:

Drop Chance
Featured Set 3%
Featured Medapart 17%
Standard Set 12%
Standard Medapart 68%

Furthermore, a 10-pull is guaranteed a set from either rarity (20% to be from the featured pool).

When you pull the Gatcha, the server first selects a rarity based on the probabilities above. Then, it picks an item from the category pool to then give to you. Each possible drop can have different weightings.


Upon getting duplicates, Research ROMs of the respective type and Cyplasium.

Non-Paid (ie. Friend Point and MedaLeague Gatchas) and Fierce Battles still grant Research Levels for the particular part you get a duplicate of.


Gatcha prices are three (3) rubies per pull or thirty (30) rubies per ten-pull.

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