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The Fast Method


  1. Go through the slow method once. This is required to grab the files.
  2. Navigate to /data/data/jp.co.imagineer.medarot_s
  3. Now go into ./files. There should be a folder there called Library.
  4. Backup the Library folder somewhere.
  5. Clear App Data
  6. Play through the tutorial again.
  7. Exit after the download starts.
  8. Copy your backed up Library folder back into where it originally was.
  9. Re-open the game.
  10. Resume there.
  11. Repeat (starting at Step 5) until happy.

Depending on the speed of your filesystem, it may be just faster to re-download. This only works on newer phones as this game creates a lot of tiny files. Typically, affected devices are:

  • Emulators without disk optimizations or has shared disks.
  • Most older phones released prior to 2016.

The Slow Method

  1. Clear App Data
  2. Play through the tutorial again.
  3. Repeat until happy.

The game usually only gives you one single 3-star Medabot set. However, with the grand opening events, you can claim two ten-pulls worth of rubies from the present box with enough leftover to grind for a third reasonably.

On the topic of keeping backup accounts

Accounts can only be transferred by attaching it to a Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account. Your best bet is to create throwaway accounts to house your accounts with good rolls.

Fortunately, you can just unlink an account and link it to a different one to transfer ownership. Unlike most other gacha games, there isn't a username/password transfer system.

How to link accounts

From the title screen, just tap on the top right. It'll have Facebook/Twitter/Google Play. Tap on one of the boxes to link your account. To unlink, just tap on the tick.

From the home screen, tap on the wrench (settings) button, select "アカウント連携" (Account Links) and then do the above (they lead to the same screen).