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Guides/Team Building

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In Medarot S, there are many different configurations of Medabot teams. However, there is a rock-paper-scissors game in team building.


Primarily, your main source of damage is pure damage Medaparts, which come in two types:

  • Single Shot Medaparts deal lots of damage to one part.
  • Multi-Shot Medaparts deal lots of damage, slightly more than a Single Shot ability, but over several parts.

These are your typical fighting Medabots, such as Arcbeetle, Metabee, Rokusho or Titanbeetle for ramged and melees, respectively.

Status Effects

Next, you have your status dealers. There are six statuses in the game:

  • Bug which cancels the current attack if the Medabot approaches the action marker. It is cleared when the Medabot reaches either marker.
  • Burn which deals damage over time, like:
  • Poison which also deals damage over time. Both do not ever destroy a part and will destroy until 1 HP is left.
  • Flash which makes the Medabot forget it's current command and immediately turn back.
  • Freeze which stops a Medabot in it's tracks. Attacking an already frozen Medabot will unfreeze it, just like:
  • Paralysis or Shock, except with electricity instead of ice.

Status effects are a good way to prevent enemies from taking action, if you are able to attack first. Bots that specialise in status alignments include Snow Fenrir for Freeze; the entire cat family (Magentcat, Peppercat, etc.) for Shock; Sickle Cutter and Fancy Ale's head for Bug; Aimflash, which his name implies has a Flash head post; Flame Tisala for Burn; and Poison Scorpi for Poison.


Defenders are great for negating damage altogether, though it can be countered by status-dealing parts of the opposite type.

Shooting Guard Melee Guard
Head Padparadscham (2), Baron Castle (2) Vamp-Squid (4), Daichanko (2)
Left Arms Barbe Bleue, Teppen Baron Castle
Right Arms Hoppin None

Bots with Guard 300/500/1000 are useless at higher levels. There are also reflect/one-use guards, but those are niche and only work if you can pull certain combinations. Not very general-use at all.


Don't. Besides plants that help your team, traps do not do much damage at all. I wouldn't recommend using traps at all.


Don't. Even with three maxed (Level 90) healers, they can't outheal a single Level 90 attacker's damage, assuming that the RNG in heal target actually hits every time.


Healing is pointless as you're never able to heal faster than parts are getting destroyed. Even on a 3v1, especially when all bots are at 150/90

Leg Parts

Leg Parts at the current are all about stats. While terrain affinities do help, they are still no match for the high mobility of some biped legs.

BipedIcon.png Biped MultiLegIcon.png Multiped WheelIcon.png Vehicle TankIcon.png Tank FlightIcon.png Flight HoverIcon.png Hover
1 Blazermate* Parallel Deus*
Barbe Bleue*
Yinja-Oh Attractor Heal Angel* Spenag-Menog*
2 Gokudo Beastmaster Iron Horse Gloomeg Steel Stork Sakura-Chan Z
3 Warbandit Prowl Viper Dr. Bokchoy Daichanko Noctobat Olympia

Powercreep means that there have been legs that now surpass Cross Messiah and Gobenkei (now at 5th and 6th as of 26/04/2020)

*No available yet.