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Half Anniversary Celebration

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Ooooo... おめでとう皆さん, we've survived half a year of this game... I don't know what to say other than that we're so desperate for something that we were willing to put up with *this*.

Anyway, we have an upcoming celebration event alongside a gatcha containing all the previous bots, or who knows what.

Half Anniversary Event

Well, congratulations on 6 months since launching Medarot S (23rd February 2020), and I hope the game will improve into the future.

Event Mission

There is one fight you can complete up to 3 times a day against Level 60 Roks (Dorcus), Saikchis (other Metabee) and Cross Messiah. It always drops 3 anniversary gatcha tickets, and resets daily at midnight JST. Quitting early does not count as a completion (obviously).


0 stacks per part kill.
3 stacks guaranteed.

Weight Item Quantity
100% Half Anniversary Gatcha Ticket x1


Level 60 Cross, Docus and Saikachis (full set)

Event Story

Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png Hey everyone, thank you
for your support and for playing Medarot S!
Icon CrossMessiah.png It's finally the 23rd July 2020 andに
we've finally reached our half-anniversary!
Icon Hisaki.png We have lots of new updates and features planned
and hope to keep you all entertained into the future.
(All 3) Please look forward and raise
your expectations of what's to come.
End of Cutscene
Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png いつも「メダロットS」を
Icon CrossMessiah.png おかげさまで「2020年7月23日」に
Icon Hisaki.png 今後も様々なアップデートを行い
さんにん 引き続き、今後の「メダロットS」に