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Medarot 2/Chapter 4

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Miruki the Land Witch


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Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 4-1 魔女の城ツアー Castle of Witches' Tour (lit: Witches' Castle Tour)
Robattle 4-1  VSラピちゃんズ VS. Rappy-chan
Cutscene 4-2 打倒!悪のロボロボ軍団! Knockout! The Rubber Robo Army is here!
Robattle 4-2 VSロボロボ団1/3 Versus Rubber Robo Gang 1/3
Robattle 4-3 VSロボロボ団2/3 Versus Rubber Robo Gang 2/3
Robattle 4-4 VSロボロボ団3/3 Versus Rubber Robo Gang 3/3
Cutscene 4-3 勇者イッキ、魔王と対決! Courageous Ikki and the Showdown with the Devil
Robattle 4-5 VS魔王 VS Devil
Cutscene 4-4 魔女ミルキーのコレクション♡ Miruki's Collection ♡
Robattle 4-6 VSミルキー VS Miruki
Cutscene 4-5 囚われの子どもたち The Captive Children
Robattle 4-7 VS見張りメダロット VS Lookout Medabots
Cutscene 4-6 幼稚園幹部はすごいんでしゅ! The terrible Kindergarten Leader arrives!
Robattle 4-8 VSロボロボ団 VS Rubber Robo Gang
Robattle 4-BOSS VSサラミ VS Shrimplips
Cutscene 4-7 思い出のラピのぬいぐるみ Rappy's Memory as a Stuffed Toy
Robattle 4-EXTRA VSラピちゃんズ VS Rappy-chan
Cutscene 4-END メダロッ島からの帰還 Medabot Island's Return!