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Thank you for playing Medarot S. We are pleased to announce the Fancy Ale Pickup Gacha in commemoration of the game's launch, today on Thursday, the 23rd of January.

News 2 1.jpg

The commerate the release, you can now get the new Heroine's Partner Aircraft Medarot "Fancy Ale" will appear in this Pickup Gacha for a limited time!

Napalm attack with assault characteristics!

In this special gatcha, Fancy Ale's rates have been boosted!

In the Fancy Ale gatcha, you will be given a chance of gain of least 2★ Head/Left Arm/Right Arm/Leg Medapart or a whole set of all four parts! If you run a 10-pull, you will be guaranteed a Medabot set.

Take this opportunity to get Fancy Ale; one of the new Medabots added to Medarot S!

■ Notes on Pickup Aircraft

  • "Fancy Ale" will not be added to the permanent Medarot Gatcha after the pickup period ends, but it may be resold.

■ Performance period
Thursday, January 23, 2020 to Thursday, February 6, 2020 3:00 PM

■ Part information

[FSL01 Fancy ale ♀]

News 2 3.png MeleeIcon.pngHeadIcon.png Pallan Odo / Bug

Armor: 3399 Success: 1163 Power: 913 Filling: 828 Cooling: 583 Count: 4 Hv:-
[Symptom: Bug] Afflicts 'bug' onto the victim Medabot. A 'bugged' Medabot cannot attack/defend or attack until heating or cooling is completed.

News 2 4.png MeleeIcon.pngLeftArmIcon.png Magical Bloom / Break Hammer

Armor: 2799 Success: 981 Power: 734 Filling: 569 Cooling: 480 Hv:-
[Attribute: Gravity] Increases Power of enemies' HV parts several times, if it has enough CG loaded value and more according to the part rank Melee attack by up to 1.5 times. Penetrates. Fancy Ale cannot evade of defend after using this until cooling is completed.

News 2 5.png RangeIcon.pngRightArmIcon.png Terrorist Blast / Napalm

Armor: 2599 Success: 1619 Power: 1387 Filling: 583 Cooling: 635 Hv:-
[Attribute: Gunpowder] A shooting attack with assault characteristics. Pay attention to the launch animation exclusive to Fancy Ale.

News 2 6.png FlightIcon.pngLegIcon.png Pep-n-Pop

Armor: 2899 Rating: 763 Shot Resistance: 781 Evasion: 1995 Cooling: 871 Hv: 0
[Legs: Flying] Flight type with excellent avoidance and cooling performance.

  • Status is the value when Lv.90.




News 2 1.jpg









2020年1月23日(木)~ 2020年2月6日(木)15:00


【FSL01 ファンシーエール ♀】

News 2 3.png MeleeIcon.pngHeadIcon.png パルランオド / バグ

装甲:3399 成功:1163 威力:913 充填:828 冷却:583 回数:4 Hv:-

News 2 4.png MeleeIcon.pngLeftArmIcon.png マジカルブルーム / ブレイクハンマー

装甲:2799 成功:981 威力:734 充填:569 冷却:480 Hv:-

News 2 5.png RangeIcon.pngRightArmIcon.png テロレタブラスト / ナパーム

装甲:2599 成功:1161 威力:1387 充填:583 冷却:635 Hv:-

News 2 6.png FlightIcon.pngLegIcon.png ペップンポップ

装甲:2899 格耐:763 射耐:781 回避:1995 充冷:871 Hv:0