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Season 1/Chapter 17

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Not Our Enemy


// todo.

Mission List

Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 17-1 私も一緒に! We're in this together!
Robattle 17-1 俺たちに任せろ1/2 Our trust 1/2
Robattle 17-2 俺たちに任せろ2/2 Our trust 2/2
Cutscene 17-2 邪魔もの Obstacles
Robattle 17-4 援護ロボトル1/3 Defense Battle 1/3
Robattle 17-3 援護ロボトル2/3 Defense Battle 2/3
Boss Battle 援護ロボトル3/3 Defense Battle 3/3
Cutscene 17-END ロボロボ団を追い詰めろ! Rubber Robo Gang Cornered!