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Rock Transporter

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#427 Rock Transporter (ロックトランス) is a Medabot with the model number RME00.

Rock Transmission, or Megaman Transmission is a collaboration bot from the Megaman Battle Network (Rockman.EXE) cross-over event. He is based off Hub; Megaman.EXE from the franchise, and co-protagonist with Netto/Lan Hikari

Medalot of the form of thinking that he is developed based on mysterious data.

All-round performance to use shooting and fighting.A light beam that has been created from "Rock Gun" and a quickly fummy flash, and it will face any other party!

射撃と格闘を使い分ける、オールラウンドな性能。 「ロックガン」から撃ち出すエネルギーを込めた光線と、素早くフミこむ一閃で、どんな相手にも立ち向かう!


Medapart Stats


Stat Level 1 Level 90
Exercise (エクサメモリー)
装甲 (Armor) 380 3399
成功 (Success) 0 0
威力 (Power) 0 0
充填 (Heating) 433 799
冷却 (Cooldown) 401 756
回数 (Ammo) 2 2
HV 0
Increases the effectiveness of Conceal and Radar Sight
Rank 1 No Bonus
Rank 2 Heating & Cooling +50
Rank 3 Heating & Cooling +100
Rank 4 Heating & Cooling +150
Rank 5 Heating & Cooling +200
Ability Name Cyber Core (サイバーコア)
Type AssistIcon.png Support

Left Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Fumi Komi Sword (フミコミソード)
装甲 (Armor) 280 2899
成功 (Success) 323 965
威力 (Power) 501 1380
充填 (Heating) 310 635
冷却 (Cooldown) 295 615
HV 1
Attack the closest opponent (including the other party of the stealth) at the time of attack execution. The closer the other party, the more successful and powerful attack attacks. It is impossible to protective during cooling after use.
Rank 1 Success + None
Rank 2 Success +100
Rank 3 Success +200
Rank 4 Success +300
Rank 5 Success +400
Ability Name Slash (スラッシュ)
Type MeleeIcon.png Melee

Right Arm

Stat Level 1 Level 90
Rock cancer (ロックガン)
装甲 (Armor) 280 2899
成功 (Success) 410 1170
威力 (Power) 365 1065
充填 (Heating) 358 699
冷却 (Cooldown) 310 635
HV 0
Deals bonus damage based on Medaforce Charge. Cannot evade during cooldown.
Rank 1 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.0
Rank 2 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.25
Rank 3 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.5
Rank 4 Bonus Damage: Charge x 1.75
Rank 5 Bonus Damage: Charge x 2.0, Pierces and consumes 5% Medaforce Charge per use
Ability Name Charge Blaster (チャージバスター)
Type RangeIcon.png Shooting


Stat Level 1 Level 90
operation (オペレーション)
HVリミット (HV Limit) 1
装甲 (Armor) 320 3099
回避 (Anti-melee) 323 786
格耐 (Status-proof) 452 1087
射耐 (Anti-ranged) 364 882
尭冷 (Base Speed) 512 904
Grants a boost to leg speed if all parts have different ability types.
Rank 1 Leg Speed +30
Rank 2 Leg Speed +60
Rank 3 Leg Speed +90
Rank 4 Leg Speed +120
Rank 5 Leg Speed +150
Ability Name All-rounder (オールラウンダー)
Type BipedIcon.png Biped

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