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Mugshot Rocktrans.png
#427 RME00 Rocktrans

A Medabot with a youthful appearance, developed based on mysterious data.

All-round performance that uses shooting and fighting properly. Confront any opponent with a beam of energy shot out from its 'Rock Gun' and a flash that quickly hits you!



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Exa Memory
AssistIcon.png Cyber Core [2] 3399 - - 799 756 0
Rock Gun
RangeIcon.png Charge Buster 2899 1170 1065 699 635 0
Fumikomi Sword
MeleeIcon.png Slash 2899 965 1380 635 615 1
Armor Anti-status Anti-range Anti-melee Base Speed HV
BipedIcon.png All-Rounder 3099 786 882 1087 904 1
Ability Attibutes
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
AssistIcon.png Cyber Core Increases the effectiveness of Conceal & Radar Sight - Heating & Cooling +50 Heating & Cooling +100 Heating & Cooling +150 Heating & Cooling +200
RangeIcon.png Charge Buster Bonus damage based on Medaforce Charge
Cannot Evade while Cooling
Charge x 1 Charge x 1.25 Charge x 1.5 Charge x 1.75 Charge x 2
consumes 5% Charge per use
MeleeIcon.png Slash Automatically targets the nearest opponent
Up to 2x damage based on how close the Target is to the action line
Cannot Defend while Cooling
- Success +100 Success +200 Success +300 Success +400
BipedIcon.png All-Rounder Boosts leg speed if all parts have different ability types Leg Speed +30 Leg Speed +60 Leg Speed +90 Leg Speed +120 Leg Speed +150