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  • Whole Ruby
  • Dust Ruby

Rubies are the premium currency of Medarot S: Unlimited Nova. You can purchase them using cash (typically ¥; yen) through the respective app store, or earn them.

You can also earn Ruby Shards which 10 can combine into a whole ruby.


You can get rubies as follows:

Event Amount
Maintenance Varies (typically 1)
Clear a story mission (one per difficulty) 1
Watch a story cutscene 1
Trade in ruby shards (10) 1

Ruby Packs

Price (JPY) Price (USD) Paid Rubies Bonus Rubies Total Rubies Price per ruby (JPY) Price per ruby (USD)
¥120 $1.10 1 0 1 ¥120/ruby $1.10/ruby
¥610 $5.55 5 1 6 ¥122.6/ruby
(¥101.6/ruby incl. bonus)
($0.93/ruby incl. bonus)
¥1,220 $11.10 10 2 12 ¥122.6/ruby
(¥101.6/ruby incl. bonus)
($0.93/ruby incl. bonus)
¥3,680 $33.50 30 10 40 ¥122.6/ruby
(¥92/ruby incl. bonus)
($0.84/ruby incl. bonus)
¥6,100 $55.50 50 20 70 ¥122/ruby
(¥87/ruby incl. bonus)
($0.79/ruby incl. bonus)
¥10,000 $91.00 82 43 125 ¥122/ruby
(¥80/ruby incl. bonus)
($0.73/ruby incl. bonus)

Rates are accurate as of 11/02/2020 12:11 PM GMT at approximately $1.10 per ¥100. Prices have been approximated and rounded.

This makes a single pull between ¥360 to ¥240 ($3.33 USD to $2.19 USD) each.