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Current Events
Fierce Battle
Weekly Resource Dungeon
EX Battle/Super Invasion Battle

Cyan-flame events are EX Battles (super-duper hard Invasion Robattles).
Flaming events are Fierce Battles (Medarot Farming Events.
Blue events are scheduled weekly events (Refer to the weekly event schedule).

The time/duration at the top specifies when the dungeon will close/end. Click here for a translation of the EX Battle screens.

English Japanese
After/In/At... あと
X hours X 時間
X days X 日
X months X ヶ月
Locked Events

At the bottom, you can see all locked events and when they open. Refer to the weekly event schedule to see which specific-type dungeons are open.

The dates days on the top will tell you when they will open.

English Japanese
Monday 月曜日
Tuesday 火曜日
Wednesday 水曜日
Thursday 木曜日
Friday 金曜日
Saturday 土曜日
Sunday 日曜日
Tomorrow 明日
Open (Unlock) オープン