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For the mechanics of Medaleague, see Medaleague.

Main Screen

League Main Screen

On the left hand side:

  • Achievement and Records (戦績)
  • Reward Information (報酬ー覧)
  • League Information (情報)

On the right hand side:

  • Matchmaking (マッチング)

In the middle reads (top to bottom)

  • Your rating (if you're in Legend League)
  • Your current league (this shows Legend)
  • Your current rankings (if you're in Legend League)
  • Your current win streak

You'll see stars on the top right corner of the league icon if you have not reached Legend yet.

The dates is the period, the field is the field.

Rewards Screen

League Rewards Screen

On the left also shows your wins (111 in this picture), losses (44 in this picture) and maximum win streak (12 in this picture).

You see an "you" (あなた) signalling your current league.

Info Screen

League Info Screen

See Medaleague

Records Screen

League Records Screen

The button on the left is your previous Medaleague results. There hasn't been any (as of 12/03/2020), so obviously everybody's is going to be empty.

The tabs at the top are:

  • Match Results
  • Friend Rankings
  • Local Rankings
  • Top ("Global"[1]) 100 Rankings

[1]: Global as in within Japan.