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Season 1/Chapter 12

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// todo.

Mission List

Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 12-1 全員集合 Full Assembly
Robattle 12-1 再・洞窟ロボトル1/4 Cave Robattle 1/4
Robattle 12-2 再・洞窟ロボトル2/4 Cave Robattle 2/4
Robattle 12-3 再・洞窟ロボトル3/4 Cave Robattle 3/4
Robattle 12-4 再・洞窟ロボトル4/4 Cave Robattle 4/4
Cutscene 12-2 サキ奪還 Saki kidnapped yet again
Robattle 12-BOSS ロボロボ団リーダー Leader of the Rubber Robo Gang
Cutscene 12-END 工場の謎 Plant Mystery