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Season 1/Chapter 3

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The Threatening Photograph


Arase and the gang meets Ikki (our favourite hero, of course, *cough* Metabee *cough*) where they chase down the Rubber Robos, who are trying to blackmail him out of the Medalympics by revealing a picture of him in girls' clothing and makeup.

Mission List

Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 3-1 脅迫 Treat
Robattle 3-1 脅迫ロボロボ団1/4 Menacing Rubber Robos 1/4
Robattle 3-2 脅迫ロボロボ団2/4 Menacing Rubber Robos 2/4
Robattle 3-3 脅迫ロボロボ団3/4 Menacing Rubber Robos 3/4
Robattle 3-4 脅迫ロボロボ団4/4 Menacing Rubber Robos 4/4
Cutscene 3-2 写真を返せ Give me back that picture!
Boss Battle イヤロボよ! No way!! ~robo
Cutscene 3-END 天領イッキ Ikki Tenryou