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Season 2/Chapter 5

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Intensive Training!


// todo.


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 5-1 予告状の謎 Original Puzzle
Robattle 5-1 ソルトと特訓1/2 Soruto's Crash Course 1/2
Robattle 5-2 ソルトと特訓2/2 Soruto's Crash Course 2
Cutscene 5-2 特訓、特訓! Training, More Training!
Robattle 5-3 アニスと特訓1/2 Anise's Crash Course 1/2
Robattle 5-4 アニスと特訓2/2 Anise's Crash Course 2/2
Cutscene 5-3 特訓特訓、また特訓! More Training! EVEN MOAR TRAINING!
Boss Battle タッグでロボトル Tag Robattle
Cutscene 5-END 臨時探偵団、始動! Temporary Detective Agency, Go!