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Season 3/Chapter 1

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Space Exhibition


// todo.


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 1-1 部屋の掃除と宇宙博覧会 House Cleaning and Space Exhibition
Cutscene 1-2 大盛況の宇宙博覧会 Feature-packed Space Exhibition
Robattle 1-1 問答無用ロボ!1/2 Just a question, ~robo! 1/2
Robattle 1-2 問答無用ロボ!2/2 Just a question, ~robo! 2/2
Cutscene 1-3 宇宙を知る男? Astronaut Boy
Robattle 1-BOSS お手合わせと参りましょう! Let's go together!
Cutscene 1-END やめなさいったら、このおバカ! Don't go, you idiot!