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Season 3/Chapter 3

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Everybody Robattle!


Everybody has a friendly Robattle with each other on the space station... Until... (See next chapter)


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 3-1 シデンの申し込み Shiten's Challenge
Robattle 3-1 社長とロボトル! Battle with the captain!
Cutscene 3-2 ほとばしる気迫 Rising Spirits
Robattle 3-2 カスミの実力 Kasumi's Strength
Cutscene 3-3 非常事態! Emergency!!!
Robattle 3-3 渡さないロボ! You're not landing here! ~robo
Cutscene 3-4 ロボロボ団を追え! Driving out the Rubber Robos
Robattle 3-BOSS おれさまがいただくのだ!! Lady, let's Robattle!
Cutscene 3-END 思いがけないプレゼント Unexpected Present