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Season 3/Chapter 8

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Mountain Powers


// todo.


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 8-1 森を抜けた先で Escaping the Forest
Robattle 8-1 通せんぼロボ! Coming Through! ~robo
Cutscene 8-2 ヒヨリの怒り Hiyori's Anger
Robattle 8-2 やっちゃいなさい!1/2 Do it! 1/2
Robattle 8-3 やっちゃいなさい!2/2 Do it! 2/2
Cutscene 8-3 山の肉体派 Mountain Faction
Robattle 8-BOSS VS山のニュウドウ Battle against the mountain Noodle
Cutscene 8-END 人類の新天地? Interstellar Humans?