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Season 3/Chapter 9

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Infiltrating the Space Rubber Robo Base


// todo.


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 9-1 深まる謎 Enlightening Puzzle
Robattle 9-1 基地に突入! Run into the base!
Cutscene 9-2 囲まれたアラセ達 Arase Surrounded
Robattle 9-2 お引き取り願うロボ!1/2 Get out! ~robo 1/2
Robattle 9-3 お引き取り願うロボ!2/2 Get out! ~robo 2/2
Cutscene 9-3 幹部の力 Rubber Robo Leaders' Strength
Cutscene 9-4 VS街角のキリカ Vs. The Street Corner Kirika
Robattle 9-BOSS VS空のライウン Vs. The Heavenly Ryan
Cutscene 9-END 明かされる計画 The Plan Revealed