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Season 3/Chapter 9/Cutscene 9-1

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Speaker Text
Icon Hiyouri.png If you think it's getting cooler ...
You've found a strange building.
Icon Hisaki.png It ’s a big deal, but
What are you going to use ...?
Icon Arase.png Hmm ... I don't know,
Does it really feel like the home of the enemy?
Icon CrossMessiah.png Whatever, let's find out more.
You may understand the purpose of the Sperobo group.
Icon Kasuma.png Hey!
Icon Hiyouri.png ……! ??
Kasumi! Siden!
Icon Arase.png Were they both safe?
Icon Shiten.png Somehow.
You guys seem to be safe, too.
Icon Kasuma.png I was worried if something happened to everyone,
I'm glad to see you again.
Icon Hiyouri.png For the time being, there was "something".
Icon Hiyouri.png It was hard because I was suddenly attacked by the Sperobo team!
Icon Shiten.png Sperobo-dan ... Did you meet too?
Icon Hiyouri.png Yeah. I'm New Do
Arase and his friends met Sekiran and Smog.
Icon Hiyouri.png I've been trying to catch us ...
Seems like you're planning again?
Icon Kasuma.png We met in a normal Sperobo troupe.
...... For the time being, it seems that he was doing well.
Icon Hiyouri.png If you are impressed?
You should go and talk quickly!
Icon Shiten.png I also agree with Hiyori-kun.
Icon Kasuma.png Also, for rescue request and information sharing
I would like to contact Dr. Medabots.
Icon Shiten.png Ah. Anyway…….
Did you guys see the environment here?
Icon Arase.png Yup…….
It was the sea, the forest, and the volcano.
Icon Hisaki.png There is such an environment that looks like the earth
I was surprised.
Icon Shiten.png Yes, it looks unnaturally like the earth.
It's too much by chance.
Icon Shiten.png Saying that there is a Sperobo group,
There seems to be some secret ...
Icon CrossMessiah.png Anything that manages this environment
It is a story called the Sperobo group.
Icon Shiten.png What did you say?
Icon Kasuma.png To an asteroid that looks just like the earth
The Sperobo group that appeared again, no way ...
Icon Shiten.png Apparently, this story needs to be investigated in more detail.
Otherwise, it may be more difficult than you think.
Icon Arase.png What's the big deal?
Icon Shiten.png Dr. Medabots says on the deterioration of asteroids and the global environment
Did you say that it might have something to do with it?
Icon Shiten.png If the Sperobos are in control of this asteroid,
It is possible that they are the masterminds that have deteriorated the global environment.
Icon Hiyouri.png Then, let's enter this building for the time being.
Even if you wait, it won't start.
Icon Shiten.png Oh, that's right.
Let's go.
Icon Kasuma.png …….
Icon Arase.png Kasumi, what's wrong?
Icon Kasuma.png Yup…….
Icon Kasuma.png Actually ... the voice I heard on the exploration boat is getting louder.
It looks sad ... I've been telling us to go home.
Icon Arase.png It looks sad ... voice?
Icon Hiyouri.png You guys!
I'll leave it!
Icon Kasuma.png ……!
Let's go, Arase!
Icon Arase.png No!
Speaker Text
Icon Hiyouri.png 涼しくなってきたと思ったら……。
Icon Hisaki.png ずいぶん大がかりなものですけど、
Icon Arase.png うーん……わかんないけど、
Icon CrossMessiah.png なんであれ、もっと詳しく調べてみましょう。
Icon Kasuma.png おーい!
Icon Hiyouri.png ……!?
Icon Arase.png ふたりとも無事だったの?
Icon Shiten.png なんとかね。
Icon Kasuma.png みんなに何かあったらと思って心配してたけど、
Icon Hiyouri.png 一応、「何か」はあったわよ。
Icon Hiyouri.png いきなりスぺロボ団に襲われて大変だったんだから!
Icon Shiten.png スペロボ団……やはりキミたちも会ったのか。
Icon Hiyouri.png ええ。わたしはニュウドウに、
Icon Hiyouri.png わたしたちを捕まえようとしてきたし……
Icon Kasuma.png オレたちが会ったのは普通のスぺロボ団だった。
Icon Hiyouri.png 感心してる場合?
Icon Shiten.png ボクもヒヨリくんに賛成だ。
Icon Kasuma.png あと、救助要請と情報の共有も兼ねて
Icon Shiten.png ああ。それはそうと……。
Icon Arase.png うん……。
Icon Hisaki.png こんなに地球そっくりな環境があるなんて、
Icon Shiten.png そう、ここは不自然なほど地球に似ている。
Icon Shiten.png スぺロボ団がいることと言い、
Icon CrossMessiah.png なんでも、この環境を管理しているのも
Icon Shiten.png なんだって?
Icon Kasuma.png 地球そっくりな小惑星に、
Icon Shiten.png どうやら、この話はもっと詳しく調査する必要があるな。
Icon Arase.png た、大変なことって?
Icon Shiten.png メダロット博士は、小惑星と地球環境の悪化には
Icon Shiten.png スぺロボ団がこの小惑星を管理しているなら、
Icon Hiyouri.png なら、とりあえずこの建物に入ってみましょ。
Icon Shiten.png ああ、その通りだね。
Icon Kasuma.png ……。
Icon Arase.png カスミ、どうしたの?
Icon Kasuma.png うん……。
Icon Kasuma.png 実は……探査艇で聴いた声が大きくなっているんだ。
Icon Arase.png 悲しそうな……声?
Icon Hiyouri.png あんたたちーっ!
Icon Kasuma.png ……!
Icon Arase.png う……うん!

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