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Unit 01 S

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Mugshot Unit01S.png
#514 EVM01 Unit 01 S

A Medarot with a single horn on its forehead, developed based on the mysterious data named "EVM".

It sternly embodies the strength to overcome the fear of losing sight of oneself and to stand up even after exceeding the limit of activity. For the sake of what's important to him, and for his own wish, he puts everything he has into a one-time deathblow.



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Unit 01 Head
MeleeIcon.png Predator [1] 4249 904 1702 781 627 -
Unit 01 Right
RangeIcon.png Microwave 4099 710 2115 372 603 HeavyIcon.png
Unit 01 Left
RangeIcon.png Railgun 3999 1373 1744 592 571 HeavyIcon.png
Armor Melee Resist Shoot Resist Evade Speed HV
Unit 01 Foot
BipedIcon.png Shape Memory 3899 1397 1248 1306 892 2