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Unit 05 S

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Mugshot Unit05S.png
#516 EVM03 Unit 05 S

A Medarot with four legs that was developed based on the mysterious data named "EVM".

After catching the enemy with his magic hand, he delivers a powerful piercing attack with his spear-mounted right arm. In the end, it can release the power it has been building up and destroy the enemy with a self-destruct.



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Unit 05 Head
MeleeIcon.png Micro Shock [1] 4549 1233 2204 501 429 HeavyIcon.png
Unit 05 Right
MeleeIcon.png Pile 4149 1163 1322 604 532 HeavyIcon.png
Unit 05 Left
MeleeIcon.png Charge Drain 3899 1219 1406 663 703 -
Armor Melee Resist Shoot Resist Evade Speed HV
Unit 05 Foot
WheelIcon.png Auto Charge 4099 1439 1407 1120 916 2