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1st Anniversary Robattle

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1st Anniversary Robattle

1st Anniversary Robattles; 追想!ロボトル~1st Anniversary編~, is a limited-time event held between the 21/01/2021 and 27/01/2021, starting when the week's maintenance finishes, and ending when the next week's maintenance starts.

It is simply a Robattle that you can only complete 3 times per day. It resets nine times (at the daily reset time) during the event and for keen-eyed players, you can complete it up to 30 times. Each battle drops 9 Anniversary Gatcha Tickets, which can be used in the related 1st Anniversary Gatcha.

File:UI Event1stAnniversaryGatchaTicketItem.png
1st Anniversary Present Gatcha Ticket
Number English Name Japanese Name
Scenario 1-1 ??? ???