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Item List

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Here is a list of items found in the game:

Item Use
Part Booster Used solely to level up Medaparts.
Skill Upgrade Used solely to level up the specialty skill of a Medabot.
Skill Downgrade Does the opposite of a Skill Upgrade
Skill Transfer Swaps the levels of two skills.
Research ROM A wildcard for Medapart research; used to rank up Medaparts.
NFRP A farmable crafting material required for Medapart rank up.
Cyplasium A crafting material obtainable only via Gatcha required for Medapart rank up.
Coin The standard currency of the game.
Ruby The premium currency of the game.
Medadium A farmable crafting material required for medal level breaking.
Energy Capsule A rare item used for refilling the player's stamina without using a ruby or watching an ad.
Training Book Used to level up Medafighters.
Color Chip Lets you color your Medabots.