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Chapter 10/Cutscene 10-2

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Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png We're winning, but there's just too many of them!
If we keep on going, we're going to pass out sooner or later...
Rubber Robo Gang 「「Oh, what the predicament... ~robo.」」
Icon Arase.png Argh! What should we do!
Icon PhantomRenegade.png Arase, everyone!-- This way!
Icon Arase.png The Phantom Retort! Nice timing!
We can hide here!
Icon PhantomRenegade.png Are you guys alright?
Seriously... Didn't I ask you guys to wait?
Icon Koshimaru.png I'm sorry, but
I was so desperate to rescue Saki that I didn't consider how dangerous it would be...
Icon PhantomRenegade.png Well, at least you guys are safe.
Icon PhantomRenegade.png I still need to interogate Shrimplips on where they've been keeping Saki...
But he got away.
Icon PhantomRenegade.png If you want to find Saki,
the best way is to get him to tell us where she is.
Icon CrossMessiah.png Yup.
Icon PhantomRenegade.png If you understand now, go back to the Medalympics now,
where you might meet him as an opponent.
Icon Koshimaru.png Oh right.. In the first place, the Rubber Robos
kidnapped Saki so that he can win his match if against me.
Icon RubberRobo.png They're here; I hear them! ~robo.
Icon PhantomRenegade.png Man, they found us a lot faster than I thought.
Icon PhantomRenegade.png I'll try to hold them back.
You guys get back to the tournament as fast as you can.
Icon Arase.png Thank you very much, Phantom Renegade!
Icon Arase.png Yes! Let's quickly get back to the
tournament and do our best!
Speaker Text
Icon Arase.png 順調に勝ててるけど、数が多い…!
ロボロボ団員たち 「「ま、まだまだ、いけるロボよ……!」」
Icon Arase.png うう、どうしよう~~!?
Icon PhantomRenegade.png ――アラセくんたち!こっちだ!
Icon Arase.png レ、レトルトさん!?ナイスタイミングです!
Icon PhantomRenegade.png ――うまくまけたかな?
Icon Koshimaru.png ごめんなさい……。
Icon PhantomRenegade.png まあ、キミたちが無事で良かったよ。
Icon PhantomRenegade.png 本当はサラミに、サキくんの場所を聞きたかったのだが……。
Icon PhantomRenegade.png サキくんを助けるためには、
Icon CrossMessiah.png それには異論はございません。
Icon PhantomRenegade.png いずれにせよ、キミたちは一度大会に戻りなさい。
Icon Koshimaru.png そうだよな、そもそもロボロボ団は、
Icon RubberRobo.png ――ロボ!こっちから声がするロボ~~!
Icon PhantomRenegade.png む、思ったよりバレるのが早かったね。
Icon PhantomRenegade.png 仕方ない、ここはワタシが食い止めよう。
Icon Arase.png ありがとうございます、レトルトさん!
Icon Arase.png よし!オレたちはこのまま会場に戻って、