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Guides/EX Battles

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Guide by Kuura_Isagami, original can be found here.

EX Trials are something released fairly recently that allows for an extra level of Challenge for Veteran Medarotters that are versed on how to make teams and make the most of them under certain conditions. These battles are unique in the sense that they not only have specific Requirements per round that must be met before the battle begins, but later ones also feature fully competitively viable teams and not pure sets. This will make tracking their lineups tricky at first glance, and throw a potential curveball into most strategies rather quickly.

Those who rise to the challenge and overcome are rewarded with 10 Rubies, 10 Cyplasium, and a Nameplate that can be shown on your Player Card as proof that you were victorious. This Guide will be consistently updated to allow for Players to reference quickly in the need to prep a team build and Parts to raise in order to ensure the best chances of Winning.

All EX Trials battle under “Domination Rules”, which mean that in order to win, you must successfully KO all three enemies on the opposing side. No guessing for a Leader, because there is none in this style of fight.

Minimum Requirements of any EX Trial in general:

  • Fully capped 5* Parts (This can potentially be skirted, but it’s situational)
  • Fully Capped lvl.150 Medals
  • Fully Raised Medarotters equipped for the best Stat Buffs

Cross Messiah

Battle 1

Bots Mutators
  • Cross Messiah (Pure Set)
  • Metabee (Pure Set)
  • Rokusho (Pure Set)
  • Enemy Medals Limit Broken (Level 200)

Starting you off on a note that’ll set the standard for most EX Battles from here, the first thing you need to know and embrace going in is that you’re NOT going to outrun them. It’s exceptionally rare to outrun an overclocked foe, but your general plan is to hope you aren’t crippled too quickly. Cross himself isn’t much of a threat, but Metabee and Rokusho will make recurring pests of themselves if you don’t kill them quickly. Shoot Guard and Melee Guard will save you pretty easily here from any attacks after Turn 1, but Stunlocking builds also can get the job done just as easily if you decide to instead juggle them for Crits. Not terribly difficult of a challenge overall.

Battle 2

Bots Mutators
  • Cross Messiah (Pure Set)
  • Adolphin (Pure Set)
  • Shinzan (Pure Set)
  • No Biped Legs

A unique modifier, but not something that can’t be overcome. No Biped Legs means that you won’t have the S Rank Compatibility on Terrain, but that can be skirted with Float Legs at A Rank, or even Multi at B. Again, Cross isn’t the huge threat, and neither is Adolphin. Shinzan however will eat through you quickly with Pile, as it ignores defense for additional damage. Kill him quickly and you should be able to conquer the rest of the battle before long. Melee Guard will be VERY handy here. Much easier to handle than Lvl.1.

Battle 3

Bots Mutators
  • Cross Messiah (Pure Set)
  • Dechotom (Pure Set)
  • Chrotojil (Pure Set)

This Round will be tricky not in the sense that the enemies are hard, but in the sense that you won’t be able to nuke them quickly. Cross, once again, is your lowest threat and shouldn’t create too much of an issue. Dechotom however you may have difficulties with, as he already is a pretty solid tank as it is *before* the HP Modifier. Thankfully his Mobility isn’t all that high, so setting up a Shoot Guard to counter him should prove to be low effort.