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This page is for the translations of the help dialogs that appear after completing the tutorial, after using a feature for the first time. For the opening tutorial; the one you see when you start the game for the very first time, click here.

Team Setting

Tutorial: Team Settings

Team Settings

A Robattle party consists of a team of up to three Medabots. You can store up to 5 team configurations.

  1. Tap on these buttons on the side to change between your teams.
  2. Tap on an individual Medabot to change its loadout.
  3. Tap at the bottom to change your active Medarotter (character).
  4. Every team also consists of a shared slot for a third support Medabot.

The first slot of Team 1 will always be your partner or the partner of someone from your friend list's Medabot. If you have your partner, your friend's Medabot will take the support slot instead.

Note: You can still equip a third medabot of your choice by simply selecting yourself as the "friend".

Medabot Setting

Tutorial: Medabot Settings

Medabot Settings

The Medabot's Settings allows you to modify the Tinpet, which consists of the medal, and its four Medaparts; (the head, left/right hand and legs).

  1. Tap on the left to set/view the Tinpet's Medal.
  2. Tap on the right to change the Medaparts that are currently equipped.
  3. Tap on the bottom to change the Tinpet's gender.
  4. Tap on the bottom left to modify your Medabot's colors.

Arm and Head Parts

Tutorial: Arm and Head Parts

Head and Arm Parts

When you equip arm and head parts, they provide different skills your Medabot can use. The skills your Medabot can use depend on the parts you equip.

Part Stats:

  • 装甲 (Armor): This is the amount of hitpoints of attacks the specific Medapart can withstand from your enemies. When it reaches 0, it is destroyed. At the end of every battle, your Medaparts are automatically repaired.
  • 成功 (Success): This represents how easy it is for a Medabot to deal damage with the specified Medapart. A lower value means you're more highly likely to miss (fail) your attacks.
  • 威力 (Power): This represents how much power the Medapart is able to produce. It directly affects the amount of damage dealt by your Medapart.
  • 充填 (Replenishing Rate): This is a numerical value representing the replenishing rate for this Medapart?.
  • 冷却 (Cooldown): This is the numerical value representing the cooldown rate for this Medapart?
  • 回数 (Ammo): (Only for Head Parts) This is the number of times you are able to use your head part's ability per battle.
  • HV: This is the weight of your Medapart. If the sum of your Medaparts' weights are too heavy, you'll slow your Medabot down. Check the limit on your leg part.

Leg Parts

Tutorial: Leg Parts

Leg Medaparts

The type of legs you equip onto your Medabot determines the amount of load it can carry, and its speed. Different terrains also affect the efficiency of different leg types.

  • HVリミット (HV Limit): This is the total weight your leg medapart is able to carry. If you are over the weight, it may decrease the efficiency of your leg.
  • 装甲 (Armor): This is the amount of hitpoints of attacks the specific Medapart can withstand from your enemies. When it reaches 0, it is destroyed. At the end of every battle, your Medaparts are automatically repaired.
  • 回避 (Anti-melee): This determines how likely it is that your Medabot can dodge an incoming attack.
  • 格耐 (Status-proof): This determines how likely your Medabot is able to negate being afflicted a status effect from any incoming attacks.
  • 射耐 (Anti-ranged): This determines how likely your Medabot is able to reflect ranged attacks.
  • 尭冷 (Ammunition* Speed): This is the base speed of the leg part, which determines how fast it takes to get to the command pad and back (how fast the medabot can move under normal circumstances). An overloaded leg medapart will move slower.
  • Not ammunition, but it's called that.

Present Box

Tutorial: Present Box

What is the Present Box?

Here, you can claim rewards that you receive from the daily login bonus or completed missions.

  1. Tap on the button on the bottom left to claim everything...
  2. Or you can tap the individual claim buttons to claim them individually.


Tutorial: Achievements/Missions

Mission Panel

There are many objectives to do in the game, which can get cluttered. From here, you can manage all your missions and claim their respectives reweards.

  1. You can view your progress and objectives for achievements here. Achievements are sorted into two types; daily challenges and one-time achievements. Once a challenge is completed, you can tap the "受取" (Claim) button to collect the reward for completing said objectives.
  2. The "一括受取" (Batch Claim) button allows you to collect all your earned rewards from completed objectives in one touch.


Medal Performance

Tutorial: Medal Performance

Medal Stats Screen

Every Medal has three specialty skills that you can equip. The skills you equip can increase the efficiency of the parts you have equipped.

  1. The level of your medal is the sum of its three passive skills' levels added up.
  2. Your medal's passive skills boost the stats of Medaparts attuned to its specialty; passives.
  3. Medals are also attuned to certain classes of elements. This will cause them to charge their CG gauge more quickly.
  4. Medals are also attuned to certain leg parts; equipping these will give the leg part a boost.

Medal Training

Tutorial: Medal Training

Medals have three passive skills and three Medaforce skills. By upgrading your medal, you can increase the skill efficiencies, which in turn increase the stats of any parts equipped to it. By upgrading and ranking up your medal, you can level it up to a maximum of Level 150.

  1. メダルレベルアンロック (Medal Level Unlock) - You can use this button to go to the menu that allows you limit break your medal and increase its max level. (See Medal Level Up).
  2. スキル移植 (Skill Transplant) - If you want to reassign the levels given to skills, you can do it here.
  3. スキルレベルアップ (Skill Level Up) - You can increase and decrease your medal's skill levels through this screen. Upgrading skills will increase your medal's total level, and each skill can be levelled up to 99.

Medal Level Up

Tutorial: Medal Level Up

Medal Level Up

  1. Combine your limit-max'd Medal with some coins and メダジウム (MedaGems) to unlock its limit!
  2. When you unlock your medal's limit, it raises by 10 levels!
  3. Level up your medal further to unlock further evolution!

(You unlock your second and third Medaforce abilities at Level 50 and 100 respectively)


You can get MedaGems through specific weekly (day-specific) quests!

Medal Skill Up

Tutorial: Medal Skill Up

About Skill Level Ups/Downs

Using Upgrade/Downgrade items, you can level up and down your Medal's skills. Different medals will have different skills, which in turn directly affect's your Robot's Medaparts. These passives add additional power to compatible head, arm or leg parts.

  1. On the left, you can select which Skill Item you want to use.
  2. In the middle, you can select how many of the specific Skill Item you want to use.
  3. On the right, you can see the resulting passive skill level after using your Skill Item.
  4. Press the "決定" (Decision); confirm button to apply your changes.

Don't forget to watch out your Medal's Level Limit as any additional levels will overflow and be wasted when applying a upgrade that gives more experience than your medal can hold. Furthermore, a single skill can only be leveled up to 99.

TL Note: Skills are passives, this is different to Medaforce skills, which are their own thing.

Medal Skill Translplant

Tutorial: Medal Skill Moves

Medal Skill Transplant

Rare Skill Transfer chips are an alternate way for you to reallocate your Medal Levels, if you find that you don't have enough levels to add more.

1. Select the skill you want to transfer levels from. 2. Press this button to bring up the transfer dialog. 3. Reallocate the level medals to your desired levels 4. Select "Confirm" to apply your changes!


Parts Training

Tutorial: Parts Training

Parts Training

Raising the part's Training Level will increase the stats of the part itself (with the exception of Head Part uses). Once you max out your Training Level limit, ranking up will unlock and raise said limit. Each part can earn up to a five star ★ ranking.

  1. Using Upgrade items can add a star ★ to your part's ranking.
  2. Using Upgrade items can also raise the Training Level of the selected part.

Parts Level Up

Tutorial: Parts Level Up

Parts Training; Level Up

You can train your parts using blueprints to level them up, which increases their stats.

  1. You can only use 10 training items at a time, per operation.
  2. Tap here to confirm using your training items and coin to level up; train your parts.

Hint: Match the correct blueprint and part gender for double efficiency!

Cyplasium Types

Tutorial: Types of Cyplasium

Parts Ranking Up

  1. 1-2 Rank-up Material can only be used on 1-2★ Medaparts. Cannot be used on 3★ or above parts. Can be obtained in the daily resource dungeons.
  2. Cyplasium can be used on all parts of any rank to rank up. You can get them by getting duplicates on any limited-time Gatcha.

Parts Rank Up

Tutorial: Parts Rank Up

Parts Ranking Up

  1. Collect multiple copies of a medapart to upgrade its evolution points.
  2. When you have collect enough evolution ingredients, combine it with some coin and
  3. Enjoy your newly ranked up equipment with a higher level limit!

Hint: You can obtain NFRP Upgrade items from the day-specific dungeons!
Hint: You can obtain サイプラシウム (Cypresium) from getting duplicates in the gatcha.

Power Up/Reinforcement Chips

Tutorial: Power Up Chip

Parts Ranking Up

  1. Combine a Medapart with a Power-up Chip to give it a little more of a boost.
  2. Each chip will boost a random stat by a random amount.
  3. Repeat until you have customized your part to your liking.

Hint: You can earn power-up chips via events!

Tutorial: Power Up Chip

Parts Ranking Up

  1. You can install a Power Up chip regardless of the part's actual level (lit: You can still install a Power Up chip even if your part is only 1★ rank and Level 1). These boosts are independent of your part's existing min/max stats.
  2. 1-2★ parts can equip one chip, while 3★ and above parts can equip two. If you activate another chip while having the maximum number of chips equipped, you will be required to replace and destroy one of them.
Tutorial: Power Up Chip Stat Tables

Parts Ranking Up

The stat and boost amount you get are chosen by random.

Regular Head/Arm Parts
Small Medium Large Very Large
Power 10 15 20 30
Armor 90 130 200 300
Success 10 15 20 30
Heating 3 5 8 12
Cooling 3 5 8 12
Support Head/Arm Parts
Small Medium Large Very Large
Armor 90 130 200 300
Heating 3 5 8 12
Cooling 3 5 8 12
Leg Parts (all except Tank Legs)
Small Medium Large Very Large
Anti-Status 10 15 20 30
Anti-Ranged 10 15 20 30
Armor 90 130 200 300
Evasion (Anti-Melee) 10 15 20 30
Base Speed 3 5 8 12
Leg Parts (Tank Legs)
Small Medium Large Very Large
Anti-Status 10 15 20 30
Anti-Ranged 10 15 20 30
Armor 90 130 200 300
Base Speed 3 5 8 12



Tutorial: MedaLeague (Leagues)


MedaLeague is a competitive mode in which you will be put against teams of other players from around the country as you advance through each league. There are five leagues in total, ranging from "Bronze" to "Diamond". Moreover, each league is separated into five classes.

Note: There appears to be a sixth league called the "Legend League", which is not counted for whatever reason.

League Promotion/Demotion

Tutorial: MedaLeague (Promotion)


Rules: A team with a class nearest to yours will Robattle you. If you win, you will earn a Victory Star ★. Earning six Victory Stars ★ will advance you to the next class. Advancing past each league's highest class, that being Class 1, will promote you to the next league. Losing a Robattle will cost you a star ★. In the event that you do not have a single star and you lose a Robattle, you will be demoted to the previous class. However, you will never be demoted to the previous league.

The amount of stars ★ earned or lost will slightly vary within each league. For more details, check the special info provided by each league.

Legend League

Tutorial: MedaLeague (Legend League)

When you reach Legend League, you are no longer in a class. Instead, you are placed into a leaderboard against everybody else who has reached Legend League. Win against other players to raise your elo/rating (and thus ranking), while losing will decrease your elo/rating (and thus ranking).

Hint: Battles do not cost energy here, either.

Giant Killing Challenge

Tutorial: MedaLeague (Giant Killing Challenge)

Sometimes while matchmaking, you may be placed into what's called a "Giant Killing Challenge", matched with a player a bit higher than you.

In a Giant Killing Challenge, if you win a match, you are guaranteed two stars. However, if you lose the match, you will not lose any stars, nor will you lose your winning streak.

Exhibition Matches

Tutorial: MedaLeague Exhibition Matches

Exhibition (Matches)

You can now enjoy practice matches that do not affect your main MedaLeague results.

  1. Whether you win or lose, the result of exhibition matches will not affect your win/lose ratio, win streak or rating/rankings.
  2. Opponents, like in regular MedaLeague will be matched based on your performance.
  3. You can perform a limited number of Exhibition Matches per time period, but you can play more by watching video ads.
  • Note: Depending on the ad platform, there may not be enough ads for you to watch. As such, you won't be able to play any more until you wait for matches to recharge.

Other Information

Tutorial: MedaLeague (Recap)

Other Tips and Warnings

  1. MedaLeague Robattles does not grant any Player or Medal EXP.
  2. Whenever a new season starts, you start four classes (stars) down from where you originally were. This may demote you a league.
  3. If you abandon a match, you will automatically lose, lose any potential ranking up, only lose elo (rating) and all your Medabots will stop moving.
  4. Rewards for any given MedaLeague period will be distributed at 5pm, on the day of closing. You must also have played at least 5 matches before you are eligible for any reward.


About Events

Tutorial: Events


Everyday there are different events you can Robattle (play) in to get listed rewards. Note that events have a schedule and are not always available.

  1. Limited Time Robattle (Aqua) - These are limited-time Robattles that you can repeatedly farm to win Medaparts of the featured Medabot. You can re-complete the mission multiple times to earn repeats to level up the Medaparts (similar to Gatcha repeats)
  2. Weekly Scheduled Robattle (Blue) - These are special dungeons unlocked at certain times of the week that you can farm to get levelling gear. Refer to the weekly schedule below for more information on which dungeon is available when.

Remember: This follows Japan time, and days reset every midnight Japan time (12am JST)

Weekly Schedule

Tutorial: Weekly Schedule

This is the schedule for weekly training? boosters.

Monday (月曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Hand-to-hand Fighting Skill Up
Parts Training Female Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection All 3 families NFRP
Tuesday (火曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Defense Skill Up
Parts Training Male Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection Head Parts NFRP
Wednesday (水曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Shooting Skill Up
Parts Training Female Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection Arm Parts NFRP
Thursday (木曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Healing Skill Up
Parts Training Male Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection Leg Parts NFRP
Friday (金曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Trap Skill Up
Parts Training Female Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection Head Parts NFRP
Coin Collection Coin Items
Saturday (土曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost Support Skill Up
Parts Training Male Parts Boosted
NFRPCollection Arm Parts NFRP
Sunday (日曜日)
Event Boost
Medal Nature Boost All types Skill Up boosted
Parts Training Both Gender Parts Boosted
NFRP Collection Leg Parts NFRP

In addition, everyday (other than Thursday, which is all day) at 8am, 1pm and 9pm JST, the coin dungeon is open for one hour at those three times.


What is coloring?

Tutorial: Color Intro

You can now change the color; hue and saturation on any Medapart.

Color Chips

Tutorial: Color Chips
  1. Parts Color does not persist between teams and are seperate.
  2. Coloring does not change the color of your tinpet.
  3. Once you unlock coloring on a part, you can change its color as much as you like.
  4. Once you unlocked coloring for a part, you cannot remove the chip from the part.
  5. Coloring Chips can be obtained through special event rewards or from the Convenience Store (for 3 rubies per chip).

Color Editor

Tutorial: Color Editor
  1. Select the parts you want to color on the left. (You have to install a color chip first)
  2. Next, you can change the color (monochrome-ness), hue, saturation and brightness on the left panel.
  3. The 'reset' button will reset the settings to default.
  4. Finally click to confirm your changes.

Super Hard Battles

Super Hard Battles Intro

Tutorial: Super Hard Battles
  1. Super Robattles are a set of extremely difficult Robattles you can attempt.
  2. Although these battles have a time limit, they will be available again once it is off-event. (TL Note: Basically when there isn't a Point/Ticket/Invasion Event on).
  3. You can get rare items for first-clearing a Robattle and clearing a set of Robattles.

Battles Modifiers

Tutorial: Battle Modifiers

Super Battles have special rules which makes the Robattle harder. These rules include:

  • All Out Battle - Killing the leader does not grant the win. Instead, you must Function Cease all three Medabots of each team.
  • 2 Lives - You will only be allowed to use 2 Medabots to fight. Your third slot Medabot will be ignored.
  • NPC Limit Raise - NPCs may have their Medal caps raised to 151 or more, maxing their medal skills out at 100 each.


Tutorial: Rewards

By clearing a Super Hard Robattle or sets, you can earn rare items.


Tutorial: Titles

By completing a full set of Super Hard Robattles, you can earn titles as a reward. These titles can be equipped in your player profile, viewable in the profile and friend Medabot Selection screen showcasing your achievement!

Power Chips

What are Power Chips?

File:Tutorial PowerChipIntro.png
Tutorial: Power Chips

// todo.

Power Chips Effects

File:Tutorial PowerChipEffect.png
Tutorial: Power Chip Effect

// todo.

Power Chips Usage

File:Tutorial PowerChipUsage.png
Tutorial: Power Chip Usage

// todo.

Power Chip Ranks

File:Tutorial PowerChipRanks.png
Tutorial: Power Chip Ranks

// todo.

Power Chip Upgrade

File:Tutorial PowerChipUpgrades.png
Tutorial: Upgrading/Tier Up-ing Chips

// todo.

Robattle Dungeon

Robattle Dungeon Intro

File:Tutorial DungeonIntro.png
Tutorial: Robattle Dungeons

// todo.

Robattle Dungeon Progression

File:Tutorial DungeonProgression.png
Tutorial: Robattle Dungeons (2)

Part Restrictions

File:Tutorial DungeonPartRestriction.png
Tutorial: Part Restrictions

// todo.


File:Tutorial DungeonRewards.png
Tutorial: Dungeon Rewards

// todo.

Additional Information

File:Tutorial DungeonAdditional.png
Tutorial: Robattle Dungeons Additional Information

// todo.


File:Tutorial Medachange.png
Tutorial: Medachange

// todo.