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Unit 00 S

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Mugshot Unit00S.png
#513 EVM00 Unit 00 S

A Medarot with a mono-eye, developed based on the mysterious data named "EVM".

In order to protect those important to him, he is prepared to sacrifice himself. Even if his body is destroyed, he will regenerate again and again to face his enemies straight.



Collaboration Medarot S
Armor Success Power Heating Cooling HV
Unit 00 Head
HealIcon.png Restore [4] 4099 - - 816 720 -
Unit 00 Right
DefenceIcon.png Guard 500 4849 - - 455 439 HeavyIcon.png
Unit 00 Left
MeleeIcon.png Sacrifice 4399 1044 1530 621 563 HeavyIcon.png
Armor Melee Resist Shoot Resist Evade Speed HV
Unit 00 Foot
BipedIcon.png Super Armor 3599 1488 1229 1248 869 2