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Medarot 2/Chapter 1

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Medafighter: Ikki!


Ikki gets his first Medabot from the convenience store, gets scolded by his parents, fights the screws, a bunch of random idiots on the street, stumbles upon a Rubber Robo hideout, and then defeats them.


Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 1-1 メダロッター「イッキ」誕生! Ikki's Origins
Robattle 1-1 VSアリカ Vs. Erika
Cutscene 1-2 その名はスクリューズ! We are the Screws!
Robattle 1-2 VSカガミヤマ Vs. Sloan
Robattle 1-3 VSイワノイ Vs. Spyke
Robattle 1-4 VSキクヒメ Vs. Samantha
Cutscene 1-3 スカートめくり事件調査 Skirt Scandal
Robattle 1-5 勘違いロボトル Misunderstanding Battle
Cutscene 1-4 熱血!怒りのメダロッター! Heated Angry Medafighter
Robattle 1-6 VS コウジ Vs. Kouji
Cutscene 1-5 スカートめくりの犯人を追え! Skirt Molester Found!
Robattle 1-BOSS VS ロボロボ団 VS. Rubber Robo Gang
Cutscene 1-END スカートめくり事件解決 Skirt Scandal Solved!