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Season 1/Chapter 1

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Medalympics Opening Ceremony


Arase receives his Medabot; Cross Messiah while trying to save Hisaki from a Rubber Robo. In that time, he finds Robattling fun, and together with Hisaki, they both aim to reach Medalympics Champion.

Mission List

Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 1-1 予選開始 Opening Qualifiers
Cutscene 1-2 出会い Encounter
Robattle 1-1 誘拐犯 Kidnapper
Cutscene 1-3 メダリンピックへ To the Medalympics
Robattle 1-2 ウォーミングアップ1/3 Warm-up 1/3
Robattle 1-3 ウォーミングアップ2/3 Warm-up 2/3
Robattle 1-4 ウォーミングアップ3/3 Warm-up 3/3
Cutscene 1-4 質実剛健 Simplity and Sturdiness
Boss Battle ヒサキのトレーニング Hisaki's Training
Cutscene END 優勝目指して Aim for Victory