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Season 2/Chapter 2

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Medabot Detectives on the Case!


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Number Japanese Name English Name
Cutscene 2-1 勘違いロボトル? Robattle Misunderstanding
Robattle 2-1 オレがロボロボ団!? Is that the Rubber Robo Gang!?
Cutscene 2-2 誤解のあとで After the commotion
Robattle 2-2 聞き込み調査1/3 Gathering Information 1/3
Robattle 2-3 聞き込み調査2/3 Gathering Information 2/3
Robattle 2-4 聞き込み調査3/3 Gathering Information 3/3
Cutscene 2-3 新人探偵の調査記録 New Detective Reporting in!
Boss Battle イヤロボよ! No way!! ~robo.
Cutscene 2-END 不穏な影 Disturbing Figure